About Me

About Me

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My name is Braden Wilkinson, I live in South Africa and am in my late twenties. I have always had a passion for natural environment and its conservation. I have a National Diploma and a Degree in Nature Conservation. I am a keen birder and love discovering new species. I have been doing wildlife photography for about four years now and although I’m no expert I thoroughly enjoy clicking away being surrounded by nature. I will be including some pictures of mine in this blog.

I have done a bit of traveling, including North America, the UK, Italy, a number of Greek Islands and parts of Europe. I have found that nature conservation is not just located to one place but an important aspect globally.

My favourite animal is the leopard (Panthera pardus), the silent assassins of the wild.  I love their elusive behaviour and their beautiful rosette patterned coat however I love all cats big and small. My favourite bird is the  fish eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer), it has the most amazing call.

In this blog I would like to take you on a journey of the natural world and exploring the amazing biodiversity the world has to offer along with the major threats facing it. I will also discuss a variety of conservation topics ranging from alien vegetation to climate change and what we as conservationists are doing to save the beautiful environment around the world. I will be using peer reviewed journal articles to be scientifically accurate but still writing and describing aspects in a way that everyone will understand. I will also discuss ways in which you as an individual can help conserve and save the earth in small ways.